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I am Rhiannon, the founder of Hello World clases, I am a mum of a little boy called Charlie and also a music graduate (BMus) with a passion for singing to little ones and creating experiences for you to share with each other. 

I'm just so excited to be starting this venture and be able to do exactly what I love, and sharing it with other mums! singing and music are so important for development (look at our classes tab for more info!) and I really can not wait to see you at one of our classes!

as well as music and sensory parental support is a huge driving force in our classes. when taking charlie to baby classes, I noticed that the bonding and sense of community in parents was missing from all the groups I had been to! I know as a new mum venturing out to a baby class can be so daunting therefore, I made it my mission to not only create a baby group that stimulates, entertains and educates babies, but also is fun for parents and shapes a community they can use for advice, make friends or just know they have a place to go for chat every week!

the classes are structured around music and sensory to introduce babies to their new world! hand in hand with my mum siân and my partner jack (with over 50 years of experience in music and childcare between us) we have curated an exciting, original class, unlike any you will have been to before.

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