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Why us?

1. Our classes are designed and planned with you in mind. it is so important to us that you feel included and welcomed into our classes, therefore each and every session you have with hello world will have some downtime for you to chat, feed, change or just snuggle little one. whatever you want to do, were here to support you and make sure you have a wonderful time with us. 


2. did you know that music improves babies' communication, physical and cognitive skills? hello world sessions are all led and planned by music professionals, we are just so passionate about our own babies being musical and want to spread that to all of the little ones that come through the door. (more on the amazing benefits of music below)

3. we have worked hand in hand with an early years professional practitioner every step of the way in curating the hello world brand and classes. this ensures your baby gets all the benefits of our classes that they possibly can!

Two little boys enthusiastically playing with various musical instruments.jpg

as a new mum myself, i know the number of baby classes around can be overwhelming; so i've set out a few reasons why you might want to join the hello world community. 

Why music?

Communication Skills

A recent study by the Institute of Education brought the very good news that playing classical music to young children improves their listening skills, concentration, and self-discipline. Being able to notice differences in sounds and fine-tune one’s movements is important for playing instruments and even learning to talk and sing- Being able to notice differences in sounds and fine-tune one’s movements is important for playing instruments and even learning to talk and sing.

physical development

music is inherently linked to dancing! even from the womb research has shown that babies recognise and dance to music. this skill is something that is greatly encouraged in our classes. Even newborns can watch and enjoy the movement when a parent or class leader is playing an instrument. As infants discover new instruments, they figure out how to use them and how to make the sounds they want. As they catch on, infants can then practice refining their movements to make the desired sound. 


Social SKILLS 

Music helps babies develop their social skills, as it helps them recognise and regulate their emotions such as happiness, sadness, and anger. The original songs that are revisited each session will soon be able to connect babies and parents alike, creating a sense of community and a chance to laugh, share and relax together. 


brain development

it's no secret that there is a huge benefit to cognitive brain development in children and music. Musical activity can equip children with a more developed auditory complex, enabling them to discriminate between a greater number and type of sounds (helping with speech and reading, for example). Music-making can influence motor and sensory development of the brain and, perhaps most importantly, releases dopamine and endorphins when responding to music, so it feels good too.

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